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Lifeboat project beats all expectations

Lifeboat project beats all expectations

Project: Upgrading of lifeboat systems
Installation: BP Clair
Client: Norsafe/BP

The job, which was carried out in partnership with Norsafe, involved an upgrade of four lifeboat systems on board the BP Clair rig in the British sector. An extensive job package was produced along with numerous procedures to assure the client that we were capable of completing the assignment using Norsafe and Beerenberg's methods. We quickly established that BP expects very high standards from its suppliers, and several meetings were held and extensive documentation produced before the company was convinced that we could carry out the assignment using our methods.

The tasks involved were varied and required expertise in the areas of rope access techniques (RAT), rigging, mechanics, electrics, hydraulics and fibreglass. Beerenberg supplied personnel with trade certificates in mechanics and electrics along with crews with extensive experience of similar lifeboat projects.

The key to success for all the parties involved was very much down to good planning and engineering (lenke til Engineering, tjenester, nivå 2) by Beerenberg.

The work involved challenging operations where we had to apply all our expertise and experience in the various disciplines. The client gave us plenty of time to complete the engineering, which again helped ensure a good outcome.

With the help of smart and cost-efficient solutions, the outcome of the assignment was better than both BP and our good partner Norsafe had expected. BP's aim was to complete two systems during 2014. In fact, all four systems were completed within that period. 

It is worth noting that BP amended its RAT specifications as a result of Beerenberg's input. In the past only providers certified by IRATA (the British Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) were permitted to carry out RAT work on BP's installations. However, as an NS-9600 certified company, Beerenberg is now also able to carry out work for BP.

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