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Industrial cleaning

Industrial cleaning

Beerenberg is a leading provider on the NCS of pipe blasting and industrial cleaning of all types of tanks. We use standardised procedures to ensure that the job is done efficiently and safely, and we tailor each project with the appropriate equipment and expertise for optimal results.

Beerenberg has extensive experience and knowledge of pipe blasting and industrial cleaning of all types of tanks both offshore and onshore. We optimise each job by drawing on our years of experience of both equipment and expertise for safe and efficient execution.
To ensure effective and optimal use of resources on platforms or at onshore plants, we use multi-skilled personnel with both ISS and/or mechanical expertise as well as knowledge of industrial cleaning. We have extensive experience and use standardised procedures and processes for entering and cleaning both open and closed systems. Mud tanks, diesel tanks, drinking water tanks, processing equipment, waste oil tanks, coolers and pipe blasting are just some of our specialisms.

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Roger Kjeilen
Roger Kjeilen Executive Vice President - Tender
+ 47 55 52 66 00
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