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Troll A

Wire cutting – Troll A

Project: Cold cutting of horizontal flange inside a separator tank.
Installation: Troll A, Norwegian Continental Shelf.
Scope: Cutting of horizontal flange.


  • 10 mm stainless steel with a total cutting length of 9 metres.
  • The flange is circular and only 60 mm from the wall of the tank.
  • Tolerance: +/- 1 mm.

The use of a “small” pneumatic diamond wire saw and a specially designed jig guiding the wire with great precision along the wall of the tank.


  • Using diamond wire for cutting provides outstanding flexibility and scope for adaptation.
  • Highly suitable for cutting constructions with restricted access.
  • The machine is remotely operated at a safe distance from rotating tools, noise and vibrations.
  • Good HSE factors and ergonomics.
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