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Diamond wire cutting – Eldfisk

Project: Dismantling heat exchangers.
Installation: Eldfisk, Norwegian Continental Shelf.
Scope: Dismantling of three heat exchangers: diameter 950 mm, wall thickness 32 mm, contents comprising 770 titanium pipes.

A site with restricted access to the constructions.
The objects have to be split into relatively small pieces for removal and disposal.
The dimensions and wall thickness of the tanks along with the contents comprising a large number of titanium pipes that have to be cut simultaneously.


Equipment/method: Large diamond wire saw (hydraulic).

Adapted setup of diamond wire saw. The heat exchangers were cut into 10 pieces using nine cuts.
No changes to the setup during the process.
Actual cutting time, approx. 4.5–5.5 hours per cut.


  • Using diamond wire for cutting provides outstanding flexibility and scope for adaptation.
  • Well suited to cutting constructions of this type and where access is restricted. 
  • Good HSE factors and ergonomics.
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