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Quality requires teamwork

Quality requires teamwork

Photo: Ole Klemsdal 

After 30 years in the business, Thor Helge Larsen still gets excited by big and challenging insulation projects. The key to success is to ensure that all employees feel a sense of ownership of the project. 

The insulation part of the Nyhamna expansion is extensive, both in terms of size and technology.

“The trade has become increasingly complex since I started in the insulation business in the mid-1980s. Recent years have seen several new classes of fire and cold insulation, for example. This has made my work more interesting and challenging, while also offering many more options,” says Thord Helge Larsen, head of Beerenberg's insulation unit at Kværner Stord.

Modern insulation work is challenging both for the operators doing the work and for the team dedicated to creating a good working environment.

“Projects such as this one are all about teamwork, and the fantastic Beerenberg team in Stord is made up of skilled employees all pulling in the same direction,” explains Site Manager Nils Halvor Berge, adding that the recipe for success is a combination of good planning, picking the right team, appropriate working methods and good supervision.

When B visited Kværner Stord in the middle of May 2015 the Beerenberg insulation team was in the process of fitting fire and cold insulation in two separator tanks (approx. 10 m high and 3.5 m wide).

“These jobs require a high degree of precision. With cold insulation in particular there is simply no room for inaccuracies. It is therefore crucial that both foremen and operators know the job package inside out,” explains Larsen, stressing the good relationship between the production team and the engineering team who produce the job packages.

“If the foreman is uncertain about something, the engineer who produced the job package is never far away. In fact, many of the new insulation classes were created by Beerenberg specialists. The source is therefore always at hand. This creates a sense of security that helps ensure that the work is carried out safely, efficiently and to a high standard.

There will be further separator tanks and pipelines that require insulation.

“We are stepping up activity from the summer until the end of the year. The current crew of six will be expanded to include more than 30 operators. Around 50,000 working hours will have been spent on the insulation project in Stord between the launch in October 2014 and the conclusion of the project this year,” Nils Halvor Berge explains.

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