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Accuracy is key

Accuracy is key

Major assignment: Project engineer hans jonker in the architecture department in front of one of the three modules due to be delivered to the nyhamna expansion project. Photo: Pål Rune Lien

The architecture team will be using around 200,000 screws to fit cladding to the walls and roofs of the three modules that will each house a compressor at the Nyhamna plant. 

“The modules measure roughly 20 m in each direction and are being built in different workshops in Verdal. Due to their height, the roof is being built separately and will be lifted onto the frame after the components have left the workshop. This means there are strict tolerances for the positioning of various building components, since they need to be flush with each other when they are being assembled,” says Project Engineer Hans Jonker in the architecture division.

This is a big job for Beerenberg. For example, the walls are being clad with 4,500 square metres of sandwich panels and façade cassettes on top hat profiles, 760 square metres of explosion vent panels, 1,700 square metres of ceiling panels, and more than 4 km of different types of mouldings. Just over 200,000 screws will be used to fix all these materials according to specifications.

“Ensuring quality in every one of the many thousands of hours we are spending on this project is therefore a particularly important challenge. It has been going very well so far, with good results in respect of both HSE and quality,” Jonker explains.

The engineering phase of the project started in the summer of 2014. The three modules will be completed in separate months during the summer. There will be some additional work to be done in Aukra after August.

“This is a major project for the architecture department. We are probably best known both within Beerenberg and to the industry as a whole for rebuilding projects on plants in operation. It is therefore great to be at the helm of this newbuild project, which is also one of the biggest ever individual assignments for the architecture department,” says Head of Department Larisa Sarajlija. 

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