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Sveisolat® is a complete solution for carrying out hot work in a safe environment on oil and gas installations while the plant is in production.

Sveisolat® was introduced to the Norwegian Continental Shelf in 2002 and proved to be superior to existing habitat solutions in many ways.

The HSE benefits are immense, especially in terms of various safety aspects. The solution is highly cost-efficient in that downtime is kept to a minimum – and in some cases entirely eliminated.

Sveisolat® meets all operator and regulatory requirements, both offshore and onshore. Sveisolat® is continually being developed and improved in close collaboration with our clients.

Sveisolat® consists of a positive pressure enclosure specially designed for the site being isolated.

The habitat is made up of modules and includes penetration panels that can be pulled over large and small pipe structures. Sveisolat® is built in the size and shape most suitable for the task at hand, providing the highest level of safety. Skirts permit welding to take place on deck. 

Sveisolat® – safe use of open flames without shutting down production

Sveisolat® is part of Beerenberg's Cold Work Concepts.

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