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Beerenberg's courses in fall protection, rope access techniques and work-at-height rescue training are open both to its own employees and to external individuals and companies.

Having the right skills is the key to success, both now and in the future, both for Beerenberg and for the rope access sector as a whole.

With some of the best training facilities in the industry, experienced tutors and a high level of expertise, Beerenberg is the ideal place to undergo training. Our premises right by Bergen Airport mean you can easily combine a training course with an offshore departure/arrival.

What we can offer

  • Rope access courses in accordance with NS 9600:2020
  • Fall protection courses (on request)
  • Various rescue courses concerning work at height (on request)

NS 9600:2020 Rope access techniques (RAT)

Beerenberg was the first training establishment to be certified in 2011 under NS 9600:2010 Rope access techniques. This standard has since been revised, and we are now a certified training establishment in accordance with NS 9600:2020 Rope access techniques Part 4: Requirements for training and assessment facilities.

This will affect course participants in that the duration of the courses has changed. All course levels now have the same duration: 7 days incl. 1 day of exams. Recertification at all levels has been extended from 3 to 4 days incl. exams. Level 2 Model 2 has the same duration as previously: 10 days incl. exams.

Classes A and B, which were the two different classes under the original standard, have been removed from NS 9600:2020.

Admission criteria
All applicants must produce a valid health certificate no older than three years. There are also different criteria on the various courses concerning age and experience, amongst other things. See each course for further details. If a certificate has expired, the candidate may complete a new course within 24 months of the expiry date at the same or the next level provided they meet the other requirements. The number of hours of experience required to proceed to the next level must have been acquired in the past 5 years.

Please use our application form when applying. Beerenberg will contact the candidate (or other contact person) to confirm or reject the application and to provide detailed information about the course. We will provide a written justification if the application is rejected. Certificate holders are wholly responsible for ensuring that they are recertified before the expiry date.

We advise candidates to schedule their recertification six months before the expiry date and to allow enough time to undergo two recertifications before the expiry date.

Instruction may be given in English if you wish to take a course but do not speak Norwegian. This must be arranged with Beerenberg in advance.

What to bring
Candidates must bring their health certificate and valid ID (passport or driver’s licence) on the first day of the course. Candidates will not be permitted to attend the course without both a health certificate and valid ID!

Each course requires a minimum of two participants, otherwise it will be cancelled/postponed. If you wish to cancel, please email without delay, so that we can inform Soft Sertifisering.
The full course fee will be refunded if cancelling 15 days before the start of the course. 50% of the course fee is payable if cancelling 14–8 days before the start of the course. No certification fee will be charged. The full course fee is payable if cancelling 7–0 days before the start of the course. No certification fee will be charged.

An invoice will be issued even if the candidate fails the course. Private candidates must pay for the course up front as described in the payment information accompanying the confirmation email. Proof of payment must be presented to the course provider before the start of the course. If proof of payment is not produced, the usual invoicing rules will apply in the event of a cancellation.

Course participants are insured through Beerenberg Services AS.

Course address
Kokstaddalen 33, 5851 Bergen

(+47) 55 52 66 00

Contact information
Terje Johansen, course director, email:
RAT course, course co-ordinator, email:
Pål Gundersen, RAT discipline lead, email:

Beerenberg has an agreement with Nordic Choice Hotels.

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