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Oseberg B

The pads are up to 6 mm out and have to be rectified before the drawworks can be fitted

Milling at Oseberg B

Project: Drilling upgrade
Installation: Oseberg B, Norwegian Continental Shelf.
Scope: Face milling of foundations for new drawworks.

During the installation of a new drawworks discrepancies were discovered when measuring the 8 pads on which the works would be resting.
The foundations had been prefabricated onshore. Once on board it was discovered that there were height differences between the pads. Some measurements indicated they are up to 6 mm off-plan. The drawworks supplier refuses to work with such significant inaccuracies, and the discrepancies therefore have to be put right.

Equipment/method: Pneumatic mobile milling machine. The machine is well suited to face milling and penetrating deck sheeting. This method makes it relatively easy to face mill the pads to within the tolerances set by the drawworks supplier.

Cold cutting method.
Significant time savings when removing 8 existing pads and welding on new pads.
Remotely controlled machine means personnel can stay at a safe distance away from rotating tools and noise. Good HSE factors and ergonomics.
Easy to achieve accurate results on board the installation without having to send the equipment ashore for correction/rectification.

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