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Beerenberg - offer a complete range of advanced insulation solutions 

The Benarx® product series is Beerenbergs´ proprietary range of industrialised insulation solutions for passive fire protection and thermal and acoustic insulation.

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The company’s ambition is for the products to be costeffective, space-saving and weight-reducing. Key factors in achieving this are: 

  • making products that are installation-friendly, thus moving the work from a high-risk plant to a factory specially designed and built for this purpose. 
  • developing new products by identifying and combining new and existing insulation materials from different industries. 
  • extensive testing to ensure that our products meet industry standards as a minimum and provide optimal protection of the process (thermal), the plant (fire and CUI) and the people who work there (acoustic etc.) now and in a lifetime perspective (life cycle costs). 
  • a unique combination of standardised, automated and centralised production of solutions tailor-made for our customers. 

 The Benarx® insulation products have a documented life span that far exceeds those of conventional insulation solutions. The company has a cooperation agreement with Akzo Nobel and cooperate closely with other key clients and suppliers as well as institutions such as SINTEF, DNV, GL, the National Institute of Technology, CRM, Gexcon and Lloyds. The solutions have been tested and approved according to all relevant specifications/standards.  

Over the past decade the Benarx product series has assumed a strong position on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS). In recent years the company has widen  the target market for its products, and are experiencing significant global growth, especially in South Korea and Singapore. The manufacturing of the company’s products in Poland has proved to be a big success. Quality and productivity have continued to improve, while costs have been reduced. In addition to the factory in Poland, the company has also established a factory in South Korea in order to stay close to the growing volume of work in the region. 

 The complexity of fabrication and installation of current insulation solutions is one of the international oil and gas industry’s biggest challenges. The fact that the work requires extensive expertise and experience does not harmonise well with the highly volatile demand for capacity. The solution to this is therefore to automate production and to develop products that are easy to install.  

Benarx R&D department focuses especially on developing solutions that are installation-friendly and suitable for automated production. 

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