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Robot to be deployed on Troll B and Sleipner A

Robot to be deployed on Troll B and Sleipner A

Troll B (Photo: Øyvind Hagen/Equinor)

Beerenberg has been awarded a new contract which will see the company deploy new and sustainable technology.

The contract, which will be delivered under an existing framework agreement with Equinor, concerns the repair of 30 conductors on Sleipner A and Troll B with an option on a further 12 conductors.

“The scope of the job is both big and challenging, and it needs to be completed in a relatively short space of time,” says Kristian Henriksen, Technical Manager Robotics at Beerenberg. He is looking forward to starting the job in June working with three concurrent teams.

Kristian Henriksen

Good experiences
Twelve conductors on Sleipner A and 18 on Troll B have initially been scheduled for repair. The surface will be treated and Stopaq applied. Beerenberg will use rope access to complete the work.

“This is an exciting job for many of our disciplines, especially when it comes to the pre-treatment. We will be using the Icarus robot built by Remotion, a device we have had good experiences with in the past,” Kristian Henriksen explains.

Zero emissions
The UHP robot will now for the first time be used on a job where all waste is collected in a closed system. This was a non-negotiable criterion set by Equinor. Beerenberg has also been working with Remotion to design a portable collection unit in the event of issues with the closed waste collection system.

“We did this to make sure that there are zero emissions of things like microplastic into the ocean. There is no doubt that this increased the complexity of the project,” says Henriksen. He points out that the Troll B operation will be particularly challenging as the pipes are located just above the water's surface.

Positive contributions
Beerenberg has on a number of projects demonstrated its commitment to new technology that can have a positive impact on sustainability.

“We feel humbled to have been awarded this contract, but we also choose to see it as a sign that the customer has developed a robust methodology. This is essentially a combination of our professional expertise and an openness around the use of new technology where it is deemed appropriate. It also involves a close dialogue with the manufacturers of the tools we use on the respective projects,” says Ole Christian Thømt, VP MMO at Beerenberg.

Ole Christian Thømt

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