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“We know that demand will peak as early as March 2019, and we need to get the new recruits up and ready by then,” says Eirin Sælen in Beerenberg’s HR Department.

Beerenberg is in the middle of a major recruitment drive. “The main reason for recruiting is that activity on existing projects is increasing sharply. There is high demand for new crews, and we need to ensure that we have enough competent people as we enter a busy period,” says Eirin Sælen.

Optimism in the market
After a sustained downturn in the oil industry the tide has finally turned, and there is yet again optimism in the market. Beerenberg is particularly looking for competent people in the fields of insulation, surface treatment and scaffolding (ISS).

“As it stands, we need up to 100 offshore ISS operators and around 50 onshore. These figures could change, however, and we may find ourselves in need of even more people,” Sælen explains.

Beerenberg’s recruitment drive is already underway and will continue well into the new year. Applicant numbers are encouraging, and it looks as if the company will be able to attract qualified personnel. “We continue to receive applications and have already begun interviewing,” she says.

Good career opportunities
The candidates currently in dialogue with the company say Beerenberg is an attractive employer. “That’s very nice to hear, and it makes the process even more rewarding”, says Eirin Sælen. “We can offer good development programmes, and there are numerous opportunities for the right candidates,” she says, adding that it is very much up to the individual which career path they wish to pursue.

A stronger organisation
An expected increase in project activity also means increased demand for manpower across the company. “We are therefore working simultaneously to recruit personnel such as controllers and engineers, and again the recruitment process is coming along nicely. It’s good to be in a situation where we can attract new and relevant expertise, and we are obviously hoping to hear from a large number of qualified applicants,” Eirin Sælen concludes

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