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New contracts worth more than NOK 300 million

New contracts worth more than NOK 300 million

“There is plenty happening all across the company at the moment, and with a growing order book we are going to get even busier,” says Roger Kjeilen, EVP Tender.

In recent months Beerenberg has won a string of contracts of varying sizes and scope involving all of the company’s segments.

“We have signed contracts in all of Beerenberg’s business areas: newbuilds, maintenance, decom, subsea, industry, infrastructure and construction. On the product side we have entered into delivery contracts both nationally and internationally, including our first order to China in the form of Arctic LNG2, which is currently under construction in the country. We are generally seeing an increase in orders on the product side,” he says.

Optimism has been restored
After an uncertain period with Covid, optimism has once again been restored.

“Demand for our products and services is growing. In the subsea market we expect activity levels to remain high. With that in mind and with the prospects in the market, this looks promising,” he says.

Continuing support from existing customers is important for the company.

“Many of our customers continue to place their trust in us, and we have signed two major framework agreements with Aker Solutions, amongst other things. We are delighted, as it will keep us busy for many years to come. As part of the framework agreement with Aker, we are already in full swing in the Yme field and on an insulation project in Egersund,” Kjeilen explains.

In Thailand the company has been spending several months working on an extensive insulation project in phase 2 of the Johan Sverdrup project for Aibel. The project concluded in March and was shipped to Haugesund for completion, which means even more work for Beerenberg.

“We are currently working on a major project for Johan Sverdrup phase 2 in Haugesund and are going to see a very busy autumn, especially in the insulation, scaffolding and surface treatment segments,” he says.

Looking to China
Other Asian countries are also seeing high levels of activity and exciting opportunities.

“We have started an insulation project in South Korea which will help reduce our customer’s energy consumption, amongst other things. Working with the Korean company Lotte Chemicals, we are working on solutions for insulation materials that can help reduce overall CO2 emissions from the plants. We are also busy in Singapore and Thailand, and we are about to establish ourselves in the Chinese market. We have recently secured a number of contracts in China, and we believe this market has great potential for us,” Kjeilen concludes.

EVP Tender Roger Kjeilen

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