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Name change for new build and modification division

Name change for new build and modification division

Beerenberg administering surface treatment at Kværner Verdal. (Photo: Fredrik Arff)

Beerenberg’s Major Projects division is changing its name to New Build & Modification Projects (NBM).

“The name change is a direct result of the market in which we operate. The name New Build & Modification Projects better reflects the division’s activities,” explains EVP Nils Halvor Berge.
In the last few years Beerenberg has maintained two operational divisions: Major Projects (MP) and Maintenance, Modifications & Operations (MMO). MMO deals with major maintenance contracts both offshore and onshore. It is also responsible for modification activities within its own framework agreements.

“As for New Build & Modification Projects (NBM), it is focused on new builds in the oil and gas industry as well as modification projects outside the maintenance contracts,” says Berge. They currently include the Johan Sverdrup hook-up and the framework agreement with Kværner Verdal.

The ECT (Engineering Competence & Technology) department is also part of NBM. “ECT employs discipline leads in the areas of insulation, scaffolding, surface treatment, RAT, mechanics, electro/habitat and architectural outfitting. There are also two project managers in the department who will oversee a significant number of short-term projects in 2019.”

Nils Halvor Berge, EVP NBM

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