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Meeting the strictest of criteria

Meeting the strictest of criteria

“The Benarx® PIPE SHELL has been tested against the strictest fire regulations in the sector. The product is also CUI-friendly and easy to install,” says Product Manager Sverre Espeseth.

The product, which has been designed as fire protection for pipe systems, is a derivative of the traditional Benarx® epoxy box, which has been on the market since the mid-2000s.

“We supplied the Pipe Shell for the first time when building the Ivar Aasen platform. We are now involved in multiple projects at Oseberg Field Centre,” says Espeseth, adding that the product is very easy to install. All the parts are removable and fitted with suitcase locks.

The product is both robust and space-saving, which is important on offshore installations. “As we all know, corrosion under insulation (CUI) is a major headache for the industry. This is a CUI-friendly solution. The distance between the pipe and the insulation almost eliminates the problem with corrosion,” concludes Sverre Espeseth.

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