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Meet Einar Rognli, the team builder

Meet Einar Rognli, the team builder

“We have to deliver on HSE, safeguard the quality of our work, follow procedures and make as much money as we can for the company. I’m convinced that we do this best when everyone is happy,” says team builder of the year Einar Rognli.

In competition with numerous nominees and two strong final candidates for the Beerenberg Annual Awards, Einar Martin Daae Rognli has been named team builder of the year. He is described as a good mentor, supportive and keen to bring out the best in people. As foreman at Tjeldbergodden, Einar is always looking to give positive feedback and has a unique ability to spot the potential in everyone. 

How do you feel about receiving this award? 
This came as a surprise. I absolutely hadn’t expected it. I really appreciate my job and go to work every single day thinking that I want to do my very best for Beerenberg. I feel both happy and humble, and receiving such recognition makes me even more motivated.

Why do you think it was you who was given this award, and how would you describe yourself as a colleague? 
My first reaction was that “I’m just doing my job”, so it was really nice to discover that others appreciate what I do as a foreman and colleague. I think people see me as engaged and curious by nature. If there is a problem, people can always come to me, and I enjoy learning new things. 

I’m also concerned about the people around me and think that everyone performs better when they do things that allow them to develop, achieve things and enjoy what they do.
Trust is important to be able to establish what people enjoy doing and what motivates them. Trust is not automatically earned. I’m very humbled that I’ve been able to demonstrate in action and in words that I trust people, and that they can trust me. I’m always conscious to explain things properly and not just assume that everyone knows what is expected or what it takes to do a particular job. This can be time-consuming, but in the long term I think it pays off. 
I don't believe telling people off or shouting make people do things better or more quickly. Rather it’s about having a positive dialogue, be clear about expectations and be open to questions if something is unclear.

What’s the most important part of your job, you think? 
As a leader, it’s interesting to see how different people work together and complement each other. I also like to look for qualities in people that they don’t necessarily know they have. They can reveal themselves in the work they do, but also when talking to them. Sometimes we will agree to try out new disciplines, and sometimes they turn out to perform better and have simply been in the wrong place. This is really interesting, and the bonus is that it always helps improve efficiency. 

Ever since I joined Beerenberg I’ve had the mindset that well-being is the key to success. We have to deliver on HSE, safeguard the quality of our work, follow procedures and make as much money as we can for the company. I’m convinced that we do this best when everyone is happy. At Tjeldbergodden we also have fun outside work hours and socialise in the evenings. We have barbecue nights, football practice, fishing equipment and bikes. Before Covid we had gaming and film nights with nibbles. We’ll resume that when things finally return to normal.

What is the most enjoyable thing about your job? 
When the people I work with feel they master their tasks and enjoy themselves out in the field with their colleagues. It gives me a boost when the message results in a shared understanding of what we’re doing in the field. Then I can focus on my job and develop myself, because I’m always looking for new challenges. 

Celebratory cake at Tjeldbergodden for
Beerenberg’s team builder

Hans Brunvatne is Einar’s line manager and describes him as a hard-working and inclusive person.
Einar is very good at putting together a team by looking at the strengths of each and every one and at who works well together. He lets new recruits try their hand at different tasks to see how they get on and what they enjoy the most. This means it’s not only the most skilled who get to do the jobs, but the newcomers also get a chance. This allows them to feel a sense of achievement and professional development. Einar believes in people and is proof that hard work pays off. 

Name: Einar Martin Daae Rognli 
Age: 29 
Place of work: Tjeldbergodden
Employed: since 2019 

Interests: I enjoy rambling and working out. Sometimes I need to leave my comfort zone and try to challenge myself to do new things. But most of all I’m an inquisitive and happy person who enjoys spending time with others and meeting new people.

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