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Exciting opportunities in numerous sectors

Exciting opportunities in numerous sectors

Good career opportunities: “We really need to make the ISS sector more attractive to make young people in Norway want to take up a trade that is fit for the future,” says Beerenberg CEO Arild Apelthun in this interview.

In spite of the fact that Beerenberg has been suffering the effects of the pandemic for more than a year now, CEO Arild Apelthun is optimistic about the future.

“Our services and products will be in high demand in a number of sectors, be it oil and gas, building and construction, infrastructure or other industries.”

Over the years Beerenberg has become used to working under ever changing framework conditions, and we have learnt to live with it. This skill has proved useful when dealing with the unpredictable situation that has emerged in the past year.

“We have also learnt that some things remain important regardless, such as doing our work to the right quality and at the right price with all that entails,” says CEO Arild Apelthun.

Sustainable development
There were two factors in particular which affected the company in 2020.

“Firstly, we needed to deal with the pandemic to prevent infections and protect our operations. We have made considerable investments to ensure that we can do so effectively and successfully. Some factors have been and still remain outside our control, which means we continue to adapt and identify learning points to become even better,” says the CEO following the publication of the company’s annual report this week (see link to the report at the bottom of the page).

The second factor is a long-established one and is best described by the term sustainable development. The environmental aspect of it is what is attracting the most attention at present, but sustainable development also extends to other issues such as social and economic living standards, human rights and health.

“Many of Beerenberg’s primary operations, be they maintenance services or insulation products, are inherently about sustainable development. For example, insulation will reduce the need for energy or limit corrosion, which in turn will have a significant impact on plant safety. We are also working to reduce emissions and to be sustainable in other ways, including by adopting an unequivocal ethical code linked to human rights wherever we operate in the world” Apelthun says.

Three cornerstones
The main goal for Beerenberg is to become even better at protecting its clients’ assets. The company seeks to do so by continuing to identify and adopt new technologies that can help make products and services more environmentally friendly, effective and safe. With that in mind, the company will also continue its strategy of investing in professional development for our employees.

“The three cornerstones of the company’s strategy – expertise, technology and sustainability – should help us become even more competitive. They should also help us create a better future, for individuals, society and the world as a whole,” says Arild Apelthun, and adds:

“We have been investing in both in-house and off-the-shelf technologies for a number of years. One important part of this strategy is robotisation, which saw an ever so slight breakthrough in the surface treatment segment in the autumn of last year.”



Beerenberg successfully completed a series of jobs involving pre-treatment of offshore decking using a UHP robot. As well as being faster and of a higher quality than traditional UHP processes, the health and environmental effects were also considerable.

“This is about doing the job more efficiently and gently in the interests of both our workers and the natural environment. It is sustainability in practice – something we will be doing much more of in the coming years,” Apelthun promises. He also wants to highlight the need for skills development as a priority in the times ahead.

Good career opportunities
“The company’s broad approach to skills development involves developing both the professional and the strategic skills of our employees. The company’s management development programme is a key element in this strategy, which involves a great deal of communication and co-operation. Our in-house programmes allow our employees to make a career for themselves at Beerenberg,” says the CEO.

Ever since the late 1970s Beerenberg has delivered services that protect the assets of its clients within a wide range of industries. In the beginning the company was more heavily exposed towards the shipping industry. Oil and gas subsequently became its main focus, although the company has diversified its customer base in recent years to also include onshore industries.

“We are envisaging deploying the expertise we have amassed over many years in oil and gas to other sectors as well. The future looks bright, in other words,” concludes CEO Arild Apelthun.


Silje has chosen a career at Beerenberg (see link below)

Beerenberg’s services and products will be in high demand in a number of sectors in the future, be it oil and gas, building and construction, infrastructure or other industries.

“There is also a great need to make the ISS sector more attractive to young people of today – both when choosing an education and when pursuing a career. Beerenberg is stepping up to this challenge by partnering with other operators as well as the Federation of Norwegian Industries to make the ISS trade attractive to future recruits.”

Click here to read Beerenberg’s annual report

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