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Changes in the board

Changes in the board

Beerenberg has appointed Geir M. Aarstad as the new chairman of the board. 

Aarstad brings a long and broad experience from the construction industry, not least through his many years at Skanska where Aarstad was CEO from 2004 to 2009. He then took over as CEO of the Saudi company Al Rajhi Contracting. Since 2011, Aarstad has prioritized board positions. Today he is involved in a number of boards including NCC, Stangeland Gruppen and Sig Halvorsen Gruppen. 

Ever since the late 1970s Beerenberg has delivered services that protect the assets of its clients within a wide range of industries. In the beginning, the company was more heavily exposed towards the shipping industry. Oil and gas subsequently became the focus.  
Beerenberg is in a phase where the company has ambitions to diversify to other industries. Geir M. Aarstad will provide the company with the expertise and knowledge that is important for success on this journey. 
Beerenberg would like to thank both Ketil Lenning and Svein Eggen who has been chairman and member of the board of Beerenberg since 2013.  
“Ketil and Svein have during these years made good contributions that have been important for the development of Beerenberg. This is both how they communicate their knowledge they have developed through their long experience in oil & gas as well as their personal qualities”, says CEO Arild Apelthun. 

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