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Bjørn Inge Melsæter, the holistic thinker

Bjørn Inge Melsæter, the holistic thinker

Bjørn Inge Melsæter adheres to a philosophy which implies that if he spends one minute longer listening, he will gain two minutes the next time around. He is curious about what happens next and always conscious that the work he does can make things easier for those involved in the next stage of the job.

These are amongst the attributes that led to Bjørn Inge being named Beerenberg’s “Holistic Thinker” of the year at the Beerenberg Annual Awards.

Why do you think it was you who was given this award, and how would you describe yourself as a colleague?

I’m really happy that they nominated me in this particular category. Being able to see the totality of what we do is a skill that I value very highly. Beerenberg is full of talented people working in their respective specialisms, and I’ve always been curious about what happens next, what consequences an order or an action might have. The more I know about the different stages of the process, the easier it is to get an idea of what might work and what to change.

The company is results-driven, and that suits me as a person. I enjoy being in a project environment where everyone around me is working towards the same goals and has a shared focus on achieving the best possible result. It’s important to stress that this nomination is not just about me; I’m part of a great team who all deserve a pat on the back.

How did you react when your name was announced as the winner of the category?
I must admit I felt both proud and humbled to receive this recognition, and the truth is it couldn’t have come at a better time for me.

We were in the middle of a hectic and challenging period completing the Aibel project in Haugesund. Receiving this commendation just at that time gave me an incredible boost and renewed energy, and it served as confirmation that I’ve done a lot of things right and that the people around me appreciate me and the way I go about my job.


What’s the most important part of your job, you think?
Communication is the be-all and end-all. To get a good idea of the project and ensure an optimal goods flow, it’s important to have a good dialogue with key people in the different disciplines, the production plant in Poland and the various support functions in Kokstad. Correct and accurate orders from the outset help ensure a much more efficient and seamless workflow. I always try to bear in mind that there will be people doing a job after me, so I need to make it as easy as possible for them – with no room for misunderstandings.

I try to adhere to a philosophy which implies that if I spend one minute longer listening, I will gain two minutes the next time around. A phone call or a chat over a cup of coffee can often be valuable, and before we’ve even finished the drink I’ve got a much better idea of that person’s plans and needs than I would have got from an email or from the ordering system.

What is the most enjoyable thing about your job?
I thrive in busy environments and have always really enjoyed the projects I’ve worked on. Sometimes it can feel a bit too hectic, but then I know that things will eventually calm down. This variety is part of the reason I love my job. After we’d finished the Aibel project I started a new job in the buying department in Kokstad. In the new role I've gained an even better insight into how buying works, and on a personal level it’s a great opportunity to develop even further.

This is well deserved!” says Fredrik Myge. He was the project manager on the Aibel Haugesund project and has been working alongside Bjørn Inge for several years.
“Bjørn Inge has an amazing ability to stay in control of what he does, and he is always welcoming of anyone coming to him for help. Bjørn Inge’s talents were spotted when he was working as a summer temp at the Beerenberg warehouse in Nyhavna. The rest is history!”

Name: Bjørn Inge Melsæter
Age: 28
Title: Purchaser
Employed since: 2019
Interests: In the project world you travel often and for long periods. I always try to spend as much time as I can with my family and friends when I’m at home. That’s the most important thing to me.

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