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A boost for health and safety

A boost for health and safety

“We want our health and safety officers to be competent, clear and committed,” says chief health and safety officer Mariann Alveberg (middle), pictured here with EVP MMO Toni Suomäki (left) and occupational health specialist Linda Aumo. The three are members of the working group set up to improve health and safety at Beerenberg.

- Verneombudstjenesten er en av hovedprioriteringene i Beerenbergs overordnede HMSK-program. Vi ønsker trygge og sterke verneombud på alle våre arbeidssteder, forteller hovedverneombud Mariann Alveberg. 

Last winter Beerenberg formed a multidisciplinary working group to evaluate the company’s health and safety organisation with a view to further improving it. The first phase involves information-gathering and a status analysis.
“We are clear about what we want. We want confident and capable health and safety officers. It’s something we’ve been focusing on for years, but we felt it would be useful to evaluate the system and see whether we need to improve or change things to reach our goal,” Mariann Alveberg says.
Thorough investigations
Beerenberg holds regular HSE meetings, and local health and safety officers also perform inspections to ensure that everything is as it should be on the various sites. Knowledge transfer and skills development are other important elements.
“We therefore have a relatively good idea of the state of Beerenberg’s health and safety organisation. At the same time it’s important that we look at the detail, and to do that we need feedback from all our health and safety officers on how they approach their role and their work. We also want to establish how operators and foremen use and get on with the health and safety team,” says Alveberg.
A key role
Part of the information-gathering process involves a survey distributed to all operators, foremen and health and safety officers. The chief health and safety officer says the working group is hoping that the survey will generate as many responses as possible from the three groups.

“Getting a broader insight will help us make relevant improvements that will genuinely boost Beerenberg’s health and safety organisation,” says Mariann Alveberg, adding:

“Health and safety is one of the cornerstones that help create a safe workplace for all. Many of our officers have extensive experience and know their workplace like the back of their hand – and they are proud of their role. On that basis I’m very optimistic about introducing additional measures to support them in their work.”
Facts on the evaluation of the health and safety organisation:
Health and safety officers play a key part in the HSEQ programme for the period 2019–20. The programme was launched at the company’s HSEQ day in April (see link).

In addition to chief health and safety officer Mariann Alveberg, the working group is made up of Linda Aumo (occupational health specialist), Atle Hanseth (People Operations Manager), Anders Emil Hommen (operator at Johan Sverdrup and long-serving health and safety officer), Steinar Kobbeltvedt (EVP HSEQ) and Toni Suomäki (EVP MMO – Maintenance, Modifications & Operations).

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