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Human rights

Human rights are fundamental rights for all humans in the world. Beerenberg may affect human right through its role as employer, supplier, procurer and in the society in general.

Human Rights Policy

  1. Human Rights Policy

    Beerenberg supports and respects all internationally recognized human rights and shall contribute to the protection of human rights.

    Beerenberg is committed to conduct its business in compliance with the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact concerning human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. This includes:

    • Respect for the freedom of association and right to collective bargaining
      Beerenberg respects the freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining and to form trade unions.
    • Prevent modern slavery and forced labour
      Beerenberg is against all forms for human trafficking and forced labour. No one shall perform work for Beerenberg unless it is voluntary, based on true and transparent conditions without any form for mental, physical, financial coercion or threat of any penalty or sanctions.
    • Avoid use of child labour
      Beerenberg does not employ persons below 15 years or higher if mandatory law requires other higher minimum age. For persons under 18 years Beerenberg shall secure that they do not perform hazardous work or work that may interfere with their mandatory schooling.
    • Treat all with respect
      Beerenberg does not tolerate any form of discrimination based on the ground of for example gender, race, skin color, religion, ethnicity, marital status, sexual orientation, political view, union membership, nationality, health status, disability or age.

    The human rights policy is integrated in the company’s values to be responsible and inclusive.

    Human rights are part of in the company’s ethical guidelines and applies to all employees, hired personnel, consultants or other who conduct business on behalf of Beerenberg. Beerenberg requires that they shall comply with the ethical guidelines and gives training to ensure such compliance.

    Beerenberg requires that all suppliers respect the human rights policy. This is part of the follow-up of suppliers.

    Beerenberg will continuously work to strengthen its work to secure human rights.

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