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A challenging visual inspection

Attest fra Statoil

A challenging visual inspection

Project: Visual inspection using rope access techniques

Installation: Gullfaks A

Client: Statoil

The objective was to carry out a visual inspection of a pipe located at surface level inside a drill shaft on board the Gullfaks A rig. The aim was to access the site safely, and then to identify where the holes in the pipe wall were, and how many of them there were.

The inspection was carried out using rope access techniques (RAT), once again saving the client a significant amount of money. 

Access to the site was more challenging than is normal for RAT assignments, requiring careful rigging and planning of a potential rescue and evacuation operation. An escape route was rigged in advance, and every crew member was prepared for a possible rescue situation. 

The crew made their way down to the water where the pipe was located. The holes, which were both above and under water, were then located, measured and photographed. The condition of underwater seals was also documented using waterproof cameras. All rope access supervisors at Beerenberg have such cameras.

The client was very pleased with the way in which the RAT crew carried out the assignment and with the inspection report that was produced afterwards.
During earlier inspections it had proved impossible to access the hard-to-reach site. The RAT crew planned the job carefully and worked towards a common goal to complete the assignment in line with the company's vision: Beyond Expectations. They succeeded, and the client provided the following unprompted reference. Se attached image. 

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