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Subsea insulation

Subsea insulation

Beerenberg is a focused and dedicated supplier of subsea insulation solution.

Long and relevant experience with design, production and quality assured processes targeting the global subsea industry, together with cost efficient operations and great flexibility in mobilizing where ever required resources to ensure a controlled project execution.

The subsea technology development of the oil & gas industry is a key area of exploring new resources in offshore deep water wells. The development of safe methods for exploring and commissioning offshore fields is bringing sophisticated new technology, products and systems to the market.

As production operation equipment expand into the deep-water environment, subsea hydrate management becomes a key factor to consider. Hydrates are solid compounds of hydrocarbons and water, which cause considerable problems by blocking pipelines and underwater production systems. To prevent this from happening, common remedies include chemical injections, thermal insulation, heating, or a combination of these methods. Benarx Solutions is a specialist in the thermal insulation field of subsea installations.

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