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Webinar: Solving the challenges and issues with traditional removeable PFP systems

Webinar: Solving the challenges and issues with traditional removeable PFP systems

Solving the challenges and issues with traditional removeable PFP systems on process equipment with BENARX® products. Join the webinar on October 21.

Removeable Passive Fire Protection (PFP) on process equipment represent one of the common maintenance issues for oil & gas offshore and onshore projects. The selection of proper system on valves, flanges, ESDV and others items can have substantial impact on OPEX and CAPEX costs as well as on fire protection quality and reliability on critical equipment. 

In this webinar, both Damian Kumorkiewicz and Adrian Christian Haaland will go through the importance of PFP on process equipment, highlight the commons issues with traditional removeable PFP system and demonstrate Benarx approach to ensure proper the removeable PFP will be inspection-friendly for asset-owner,  will last the years in severe environment and the PFP integrity will be in-tact. 

Damian Kumorkiewicz and Adrian Christian Haaland

Whether you are the representative of: 

  • asset owner and preparing yourself for maintenance campaign, 
  • EPC-contractor that you are planning removeable PFP scope on your upcoming project 
  • maintenance provider that is open for new hi-tech solution 
  • OEM companies (valve/actuator-makers & vessel fabricators) who uses removeable PFP product on their equipment 

Then this webinar will be part of your interest. 

Webinar details 

  • Wednesday – October 21, 2020 
  • 1 PM GMT +2 

Virtual room capacity: 100 attendances 

Duration: 60 min (45min + 15min Q&A session) 

Registration form in the comment below 


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