The Beerenberg vision is to exceed the expectations of everyone - to go beyond expectations every time.


The Beerenberg Group has been delivering innovative service solutions to the oil and gas sector for more than 35 years.

Our customers – all world leaders in their respective fields – present us with enormous challenges that have to be resolved in order to keep the business going. That is why we like to say that Beerenberg makes the production of oil and gas possible in the most inhospitable environments.

The company spends substantial resources on research and development, in an effort to create innovative products and solutions that will help the petroleum industry to advance a few steps further.

Business Areas


Smarter solutions within architecture, outfitting and engineering.


Environmentally friendly tools for surgical cutting within the modification and decommissioning area.


Beerenberg will find the best access method for the customer, whether it is Rope Access Techniques or Scaffolding.


Protection for maximum security and long life. Benarx`s innovative product line, Passive Fire Protection, Habitat-solutions, Surface Treatment, Insulation and Subsea Insulation.